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Archive: 9 April 2011

Looking for more information about the stories shown on 9 April 2011 on Queensland Weekender? You've come to the right place. Follow the links to detailed fact sheets on each story.

If the story you are after is not here you can search or browse through our archive.

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Fraser Lakes Fraser Lakes
Now is a great time to visit Fraser Island, as the south eastís recent rain has filled the lakes to...
Billy Mateer Billy Mateer
In 1893, three separate cyclones crossed the Queensland coast in quick succession, leading the...
Escarpment Escarpment
The Escarpment is a retreat located in Tamborine Mountain, south west of Brisbane. Itís located on...
Paniyiri Paniyiri
60,000 people, 3 massive days, 100,000 honey puffs, 950 volunteers, 4000 high kicks, Greek gods,...
Ayr Home Hill Ayr Home Hill
On opposing sides of the Burdekin River, just under an hour south of Townsville, lie the twin towns...
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